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Training workshops

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Examples of past training workshops we have organised

A workshop about ‘Listening Well’ – July 2019

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Community Mediators’ Training Course – July 2017

The increasing demand for a free community mediation service resulted in a need for more trained mediators. To meet this need Dunedin Community Mediation organised a 3-day course to train new mediators.

Nineteen people attended the course at Otago Polytechnic on 17–19  July 2017. It was facilitated by Tracy Scott, an experienced mediation trainer from Christchurch. Seven new mediators were trained along with twelve community members wanting to learn mediation and conflict resolution skills. Feedback from the course participants was very positive, with some saying it was life-changing and the best training they had ever attended.

Dunedin Community Meditation Board member Ruth Chapman said that the course will have increased conflict resolution skills in the work places of those attending, as well as training the extra mediators to work in the community.

“Our aim is to promote peaceful and respectful methods of resolving conflict within the Dunedin community. Problems and disagreements are always going to happen in the community between neighbours, clubs, families and other groups. By providing good quality mediation we help people work things out together.”

During a community mediation two mediators guide people through the mediation process. They do not make decisions or judgments or give legal advice. They encourage honest respectful conversations which are confidential to those taking part. By talking together in mediation people can work through their problems safely.