The Conflict Resolution Coaching service

What is it?

The service is for people who want to find better ways of dealing with conflict in their lives.

  • You may have wanted to try mediation and the other person didn’t want to. In conflict resolution coaching only one person is involved so it can take place without the other person.
  • You may want to find ways to “disagree better”. Or you may want to be able to avoid unproductive responses to triggers in relationships. Anything which is about improving communications skills in conflict situations can be addressed in conflict resolution coaching.
  • Whatever your situation conflict resolution coaching will help you find perspectives and tools that will lead to better outcomes.

What does “coaching” mean?

Coaching means helping you to find better ways to interact with those you may be in conflict with or in situations you find difficult. The coaches do not judge or take sides. They are there to help you work through your conflict situation, whatever that might be, and to develop more effective ways of dealing with it.

What does the coaching service cost?

Like our mediation and facilitation services, the coaching service is free. It’s part of our philosophy that cost should not be a barrier to accessing any of our services. Donations towards the costs of our service are always welcome, if you are in a position to do so.

How long can I use the service?

In general terms the service is there for as long as it is useful to you. Some people find one or two sessions enough while others choose to have five-six sessions, and there are times when we may use more. Sometimes we find it helpful to plan a set number of sessions together and then reassess when we reach that number.

I’m really angry. Can I still use the service?

Angry is fine – as long as you are willing to talk about and reflect on that anger. Whatever your situation we hope you will find the conflict resolution coaching service helpful.

Is the service just for individuals or can we use it as a group?

Most people who use the service do so as individuals. We can also work with groups. Get in touch and ask us.

How do I access the service?

Email us or use the website. Leave a message and someone will be in touch within a few days.