Dunedin Community Mediation provides an opportunity for individuals or organisations in conflict to resolve their issues by  finding mutually agreeable solutions.

  • Problems and disagreements happen in the community between neighbours, clubs, families and other groups.
  • People try to sort things out but sometimes they just can’t and relationships suffer.
  • Our aim is to provide good quality mediation to help solve disagreements
  • Most mediations are free.

Download the Dunedin Community Mediation Brochure (PDF)

COVID-19 update: other mediation options being explored

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on physical distancing, we are currently not able to offer face-to-face mediation. However, we are exploring other mediation options, including audio-visual mediations and initial one-to-one support (via Zoom).

We continue to welcome your inquiries regarding our service.

Please contact the Dunedin Community Mediation Manager via this website, or by email at dcmediate@gmail.com

Listen to an interview about our services

Marian Hobbs (L) and Helen Beamish (from Dunedin Community Mediation) talking on Otago Access Radio (OAR) on the Volunteering Otago Hotspot about Dunedin Community Mediation’s services.

Go to the Otago Access Radio interview about our services

Watch a video about the launch of our services on 30th October 2014

Go to the Dunedin TV website for the news item and video about our launch

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